It’s been almost 3 years since the GPK-32 first rolled out to crawl spaces across the country and their popularity has only grown since then! Our team here at SuperDroid Robots took feedback and suggestions from home inspectors when developing the GPK-32, making sure that it met the needs of the people using it!

This compact tracked inspection robot has become a favorite tool of home inspectors for inspecting crawl spaces and other hard to reach areas. It serves as a way to reach areas competitors can’t, keep you safe from potential hazards, and protect both the inspector and the property!

Now, this inspection robot has sold over 400 units across 10 countries and 39 states!

To celebrate this monumental milestone, we’re offering a limited time discount on the GPK-32, the GPK-32 Zoom, and our new GPK-32 4-Wheel Drive models! Just enter GPKHOLIDAYS in the shopping cart to save $150 on your inspection robot!

GPK-32 Inspection Robot Lineup

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