UPDATE 04/14/2021 : We’ve added a FAQ & Support page on our main support wiki. Visit https://wiki.sdrobots.com/index.php/GPK-32 for more information.

GPK-32 Inspection Robot

SuperDroid Robots now offers two battery options for the Wireless Inspection Robot GPK-32! We currently have Lithium-Ion internal battery robot model in stock and ready to ship! Select the Standard Configuration image above to order your robot.
Interested in the new model with the top-mounted removable DeWalt battery? Select the DeWalt Battery Mount image above to preorder your robot.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the robot with the DeWalt battery?
1A. Currently, the robot is Built to Order: Start Here
1B. On the item page scroll down to “Item Options – Customize”
1C. Choose battery type under “Select the Battery Configuration of the robot” option group.

2. Can the robot take still pictures?
2A. Yes, this feature is controlled through our remote camera function. 

3. What is the remote camera function control option?
3A. The ability to remotely control the camera functions using the remote control. You can start and stop video recording and take still images. Take Screenshots to add to your report.

4. What is the run time?
4A. Up to 2 hours depending on use.

5. What is the range?
5A. Up to 500 feet with limited obstructions.
5B. The best way to operate the robot is to maintain line of sight between the robot and the remote. If that isn’t possible then it is recommended that the transmission distance (distance between the robot and the remote) is kept to a minimum. This may mean walking through the house above the robot or walking alongside the robot on the other side of a wall.

6. Is there a warranty?
6A. Effective April 15, 2019, SuperDroid Robots will repair any manufacturing defects for 1 year after shipment.
6B. Damage from abuse or neglect will not be covered.
6C. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
6D. Unlimited technical support.
6E. Consumable items will not be covered by the warranty. Consumable items include, but are not limited to treads/tracks, bearings, wheels, and batteries.

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More about SuperDroid Robots GPK-32 Inspection Robot:

The GPK-32 is a complete inspection robot package that includes a RunCam2 camera mounted on a custom actuated tilt bracket. It records in HD 1080p. Two high-powered LED lights illuminate dark spaces. We also install a 7 inch Monitor on the remote control that the operator is able to view. There is a separate transmitter that sends the video image back without any lag.
This is a rugged treaded robot platform designed for inspecting hard to reach areas such as crawlspaces and attics. 

NEW Optional Add-Ons:
Roll Cage and Wheelie Bar

Protect your robot from accidental rollovers that could damage the camera with a custom roll cage. Dual removable wheelie bars are also now available as an option on the Built-to-Order GPK-32 Robot! The wheelie bar helps to prevent the robot from flipping over when the robot is traveling over uneven objects.

GPK-32 Videos:


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