GPK-32 Inspection Robot

Home inspectors see an increase in safety using inspection robot

Robotic inspection allows quick and low hassle examination of crawl spaces

GPK-32 Inspection Robot

Fuquay-Varina, NC (Jan 7, 2020): SuperDroid Robots, a leading manufacturer of inspection robots, has announced a series of improvements for their wireless inspection robot, the GPK-32. Among the improvements is the use of an industry-proven 20V DeWalt battery to power the robot and debris deflectors to keep debris out of the track drive system.

The wirelessly controlled robot was developed as a tool for use by home inspectors to remotely capture high-quality photos and videos in confined spaces that are difficult for human entry. It offers a safer and more efficient method for inspecting crawl spaces. SuperDroid Robots’ CEO Charlie Payne states, “We took the feedback of home inspectors using our robot and improved it, providing an effective, affordable tool for safely exploring hard to reach areas.”

Crawl spaces can contain a wide variety of potential dangers and health risks to home inspectors. Dangers can range from mold, feral animals, hantavirus, asbestos, and more. Using the GPK-32, home inspectors can determine if there are any risks before entering themselves. Paul Hale, a senior engineer at SuperDroid Robots, states “You’re removing the unknowns from the equation. With the [GPK-32] robot you get an idea of what’s down there and where it is before you go in.”

SuperDroid Robots will be present at the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) annual InspectionWorld conference in New Orleans this January to allow home inspectors a hands-on experience with the GPK-32.

Improved Features:

  • Runs on industry-proven 20v DeWalt batteries for convenient replacement and charging
  • Removable roll cage and wheelie bars allow for navigation of uneven terrain
  • Debris deflectors keep potential hazards away from the track drive system

The GPK-32 Wireless Inspection Robot is available on SuperDroid Robot’s online store and can be found at the link located here. 


SuperDroid Robots Inc. is a robotics engineering firm and fabrication facility founded in 2000 that specializes in manufacturing wheeled and tracked robots, both remote controlled and autonomous. We specialize in complete robotic custom solutions. Capabilities like CNC machining, welding, printed circuit board manufacturing, assembly and programming allow us to build our products in-house.

A PDF copy of this press release can be found here: GPK-32 Press Release


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