Below is a demonstration of the payload capacity of our IG32 SB Omni Wheel ATR (TP-132-032). We’ve updated our robot kits to make it easier to compare the motor sizes and available payload. Please note that the maximum weight that a robot can handle depends on the motor type, torque, and the type of wheels or treads that you’ve chosen.

The IG32 SB is one of our All Terrain Robots is designed and fabricated in North Carolina, USA. All of our ATRs are fully supported by SuperDroid Robots. This robot features a rugged frame made of 1/8″ thick aluminum to accept our IG32 and IG32P gear motors. The base also features double row omni wheels to allow to better skid steering under heavier loads.

SDR Wheeled Robot Categories
Mount Method
(32mm Motors)
(42mm Motors)
(52mm Motors)
DM (Direct Mount)10 lbs.
SB (Single Bearing)75 lbs.100 lbs.125 lbs.
DB (Dual Bearings)200 lbs.250 lbs.
*This is the maximum weight that the robot can handle. Please note that this weight varies widely upon the robot’s configuration and the surface on which it is driven. See our Support Pages for more information.


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