SDR Mobile

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Much more than simply building robots.

SDR MobileSuperDroid Robots builds some of the most highly advanced robots on the planet, and are based in Fuquay-Varina, NC just outside of Raleigh.

The owner is a former competitor on the popular Battlebots robot battle television show.  If you are a fan of the show and remember a particularly nasty little robot called Atomic Wedgie, well he was a part of that team.

While SDR builds and sells some of the most innovative robots around, they are able to offer much more with the addition of the SuperDroid Mobile service vehicle.

“Producing high quality robots with the latest technology will always be the foundation of our business.”

SDR Mobile

The SDR Mobile service vehicle is a Mercedes Sprinter van, and serves as a full robot workshop-on-wheels ready to roll into action.  SuperDroid Robots not only builds quality robots, we do service and installation work as well.

With the SDR Mobile service vehicle, we are able to come to your location to service, deliver or install our robots more quickly and efficiently.

SDR Mobile Features

  • Kitchenette and bathroom for long trips
  • Ample storage area for tools and robot parts
  • Plenty of room to transport robots to work-sites
  • Super-cool SuperDroid Blue paint scheme with custom decals

SDR Mobile

SDR Mobile Service Vehicle

Producing high quality robots with the latest technology will always be the foundation of our business. But we also believe that having a greater capacity to service what we sell is paramount to our future success.

The SDR Mobile service vehicle gives us the capacity to offer amazing service on-site and increase our overall service range.

If you are a regular viewer of Battlebots, you are surely familiar with the term “robots, activate.”  Well here at SuperDroid Robots, we have added a new phrase:  “SDR Mobile, activate!”

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